9 Things to Avoid During Period

The menstrual cycle is one of the most difficult for every month. It is a monthly battle we women fight with our own bodies. Every month we girls struggle through this that what to take and what things to avoid during the period.

With the mood swings and body pain, we want to become lethargic. The bed becomes our best friend. Your body hits the airplane mode and refuses to perform activities.

Things to Avoid During Period

The fluctuations in the hormone level cause mood swings and change in appetite. It leaves you confused about the things you should do. Our body becomes averse to a lot of things around us.

During this time we need to take special care of our bodies. Periods are already painful, but performing certain activities can lead to a lot of health problems. Your periods can be a lot better if avoid these activities during the menstrual cycle

Things to Avoid During Period

1. Binging On Salty Food

Binging On Salty Food

During the menstrual cycle, the best thing is to do binge on cheesy movies and a bag of potato chips. Sounds really relaxing!! But unknowingly it does harm to your body. Salty food increases water retention and bloating.

The discomfort level rises simultaneously. Sodium intake causes dehydration and worsens the menstrual cramps. If you cannot resist then also drink plenty of water along with the salty food.

2. Waxing During Periods Is A Big NO

Waxing During Periods Is A Big NO!!

During periods, the body produces less amount of estrogen. Due to this, we feel more pain than ever.

Getting a wax during periods is a big no, especially a bikini wax. Our body is extra-sensitive to pain during periods. Waxing messes up the situation even more.

3. No Sex Without Condoms

No Sex Without Condoms

It is a myth that women cannot be impregnated during periods. The bodies of women vary, but no chance should be taken to forget protection during intercourse.

Chances of sexually transmitted are also high during periods. Unprotected sex during periods leads to vaginal infections through bacterial infestation on the cervix.

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    4. Using A Douche

    Usage of douche during periods can cause more harm than good. It may cause vaginal infections.

    The artificial perfumes and soaps used to lead to irritation and kill the normal growth of microbes in the vagina. It also causes a discrepancy in the vaginal odor. Consult your gynecologist before using douche.

    9 Things to Avoid During Period

    Source: Wikipedia

    5. Wearing Napkins or Tampons for Long Duration

    Maintaining hygiene during periods is crucial. Working for long hours, women often tend to forget to change pads.

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    This is detrimental as it leads to bad odor and bacterial infections. Women using tampons can be affected by toxic shock syndrome. It is ideal that tampons and pads must be changed every four hours

    9 Things to Avoid During Period

    Source: Fem

    6. Watching Sad and Grim Movies

    Watching Sad and Grim Movies

    Women are hormonal during periods. Sometimes our emotions are all over the place. This becomes the best time to find solace in sad movies and pour our emotions out. It may be a good purge, but you do not attract positive energy, and make yourself feel worse.

    7. Being Lazy

    being lazy

    It is a comfort to lie in the bed all day during periods, but being lazy does not help the situation. Skipping your workout is a big mistake during periods. Exercise will help you sail through your periods as it produces endorphins. This acts as a pain reliever.

    Exercise loosens your body during periods and controls the hormonal fluctuations. The period is not excusing to escape a healthy lifestyle.

    8. Burning The Midnight Oil

    Burning The Midnight OilWith our busy schedules, all of us lack proper sleep. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is really important during periods. Sleep deprivation leads to stress and irritation. It is better to avoid an all-night schedule during your periods.

    9. Smoke Breaks

    Smoke Breaks

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      Smoking is injurious to health anytime. It messes your hormones and affects the ovulation process. Remember that the cramps caused during periods are more painful if you are a smoker.

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