5 Best Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Have you ever wondered why a woman’s bag is heavier than a man’s?

Well, that’s because we solo female traveler have that much more to pack as health precautions. These Tips For Female Solo Travellers are very important for that precious experience. Just imagine having your periods unannounced while traveling and not being able to find a medical shop to buy tampons or sanitary pads. Or imagine you meet a young lady and fall in love, only to find that you don’t have condoms!

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

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Hopefully, this post will help you prepare better for all those moments that may catch you unannounced during your trip.

Pregnancy Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Having an unplanned pregnancy while you are traveling is perhaps the worst nightmare for many solo female travelers. While some people may handle the news well, there are others for whom this would cause a lot of worries. To avoid such scenarios, it is best to prepare yourself before you begin your holiday.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Here are some long-term contraception plans For Female Solo Travellers

Injections: This is a good option if you are traveling for less than three months. While this is largely effective, there are some side effects of irregular bleeding and weight gain. Just remember that once it is your system, it is not possible for it to be removed.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Implants: This is a very reliable form of contraception and it is also very convenient. It is basically a small incision in your arm! And if you’re asking for some more good news, then here it is—your menstrual cycles are almost entirely stopped! Hence the implant is a great option for women on the road.

The Pill

There are several different types of contraceptive pills in the market for women. Some even have additional benefits of relieving menstrual pains and can be used to prevent periods too.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Before you go on your trip, be sure to have a long chat with your gynecologist about what contraception is best suitable for you. Make sure you are clear of both the benefits and side effects of each contraception as well.

However, if you are single, then condoms may be your best bet. However, remember that not all of them are the same, so ensure you buy a brand that you have used before and ensure you try to buy a few from your home country.


Menstrual cycles are one of the most annoying things that worry us, women unless you are amongst the lucky few who are on contraception. Having your menstrual cycles while you are travelling requires a lot of preparation more so when you are traveling to smaller countries or wilderness areas.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Getting your hands on tampons and sanitary pads maybe a bit difficult so make sure you are carrying a decent number of both. For those who are eco-friendly, you can try menstrual cups. They save you a lot of money, are eco-friendly and also last long.


Thrush Isa yeast infection that causes itching around your genitals and also leads to a thick white discharge. It happens to most women, so don’t be alarmed if you experience the same. The good news is that it is easy to find over the counter pills and creams to treat this.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

STDs – Sexually Transmitted Disease.

It’s important to ensure you and your partner are regularly tested for STDs. This ensures that both of your health is well maintained. However, when we travel, we are bound to make new friends and explore new experiences.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

Be sure you are carrying contraception and don’t be ashamed to be a woman who carries them along.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

This is perhaps the worst kind of infection one wishes to never get while traveling. However, it is common when you don’t have access to clean toilets or hold your pee in for too long. The symptoms will make you fear to pee and the pain will simply add to the discomfort.

Tips For Female Solo Travellers

However, there are a lot of over the counter pain killers. Ensure you keep a few in your travel medical kit and also ensure you drink lots of water while traveling.


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