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No women look forward to their periods. It is something that makes you sad and unhappy.

How have you ever heard someone say: Yay finally periods have come!” Definitely not. Periods cause pain, stress, and cramps. PMS becomes the unexpected guest who every woman wish to avoid. Staying upbeat and cheerful during the menstrual cycle is next to impossible. But, we women are strong and warriors. Periods should not be a continuous roadblock for staying happy. Periods are always there to make our women know how to keep themselves perfectly adjusted. Read here what kind of diet we must go for during periods; Foods You Should Eat For A Regular Flow

Here is a guide to stay happy during your periods:


Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Running Shoes Are Your BFF

Nobody expects a woman to run a marathon during her periods. It is anyway better to take out the running shoes than being a couch potato. A moderate level workout will help you to regain your energy. The more you sweat, the fresher you will feel. Plus, the happiness hormones, aka, endorphins are released to make you feel upbeat and cheerful. Doesn’t it sound good???? Even Elle Woods from Legally Blonde believed in this.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Denial Is Your Enemy

If you are a neurotic woman, denial is something you always seek to solve a solution. But during your periods, it is your worst enemy.  You should always keep a track of your period. Being prepared for it never does any harm. Instead of blaming the situation on other, you can accept that the irritation and your crappy mood are caused by your period and not others.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate helps to reduce mood swings. A bar of dark cocoa is your exit clause from the crappy mood. Dark chocolate helps to boost your emotions and serotonin levels in your body. You can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But stick to a limited amount.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


A Power Nap Always Helps

Sleep is your comfort zone during the period. But if you snooze all day, you lose. We have to balance our daily schedule and not let periods hamper it. A quick power nap is a key to stay fresh. Just take one in the middle of the day for about 20 minutes. You will wake up feeling fresh than before. A power nap helps you to retain your energy and maintain focus.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper

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Get Some Sunshine

Staying all day at home is a good idea, but being cooped all day can be quite depressing. During periods, emotions are all over the place, staying alone in one room attracts negative energy. Go out and soak yourself in some sunlight. It boosts your hormones and uplifts the mood. Staying out also helps to inhale fresh oxygen. Staying out is a good way to a happy period.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Pamper Yourself To Beat The Cramps

Cramps are painful. Instead of continuous popping of pills, treat yourself to beat the cramps. Take a hot shower or bubble bath, it soothes the soaring muscles. Listen to good music and have high protein. What about cooking a chicken steak? It is healthy and yummy. Go to a spa and get a good Thai massage, at least it will help you sleep. If nothing else, then brew a hot cup of tea and rest with a hot water bag.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Have A GNI

A girls night in is the best way to beat the period blues. Talk to your girlfriends. Bitch or gossip. Eat hot cocoa. Dancing in pajamas or having a pillow fight always helps. Make gin and tonic to soothe your mind and muscles. Having company around will make you happy in your periods.

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Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Women are warriors. We can handle things even on the eleventh hour and still keep our calm intact. This may be a bit difficult during periods.  It is helpful to let your shield down for a while and not multi-task. Getting overwhelmed with work can be stressful. A small amount of procrastination is allowed during periods, or just do not let work pile up.

Top 8 Tips To Beat Your Period Blues - Scoutripper


Period blues are inevitable but it should not be a threat to our happy self. It is normal, but it is up to you to either suck it up and crib or just have fun while bleeding.





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