8 Best Tips on How to Travel the World Without Money

Do you ever think about how to travel the world without money?

Traveling makes you braver. It leads to you pursue your boldest of passions with valor. To me, traveling is a style of living. While backpacking around the world, I learned a lot of things.

One of them is that there is a big canvas of tales and problem lies that lie on the other side of the world. To some people traveling is a weekend getaway or an exotic vacation and to some, it’s a way of life. To me, travel is a lifestyle. I spend my days more away from home than at home.

You must be wondering how I manage to afford this amount of money and time. Well, what if I say you that I travel for free around the world and just carry my personal belongings around?

This is 100% possible and trusts me, it’s super easy to manage. If you are an avid explorer and a hearty enthusiast, then you can do it too. All you need is the right path and correct ideas To go down the adventure lane.

Summary Tips to Travel the World Without Money

1. Volunteer
2. Work with Cultural Organizations
3. Organize Trip
4. Take your motherly instincts and skills to a new height
5. Writing Blogs
6. Become A Homesitter
7. Work In The Adventure Mission
8. Review & Earn

So here I’m going to list the ways in which you can Travel the World For Free of Cost like me.

8 Best Tips to Travel the World Without Money

1. Volunteer

Travel The World Without Money

The easiest way to stay, eat, travel, repeat is to volunteer. During my visit to Goa, all I did was volunteer the newly constructed cozy hostels for people. I helped them settle, cooked food with them and painted walls.

With a slight tinge of communication skills and friendly nature, you can win anyone’s trust and travel at ease anywhere In the world without a second thought. There are many organizations like Diverbo and WWOOF who look for such volunteers around.

Register yourself there and you can even travel abroad. These websites also provide credits to their volunteers. Imagine, traveling and getting paid for it, isn’t it the best treat ever?

2. Work with Cultural Organizations

culture organization

Can you speak English? If you can, then you are in luck! Diverbo recruits English speakers to help foreigners in Spain and Germany practice their language skills. Do you know what’s even more amazing?

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    Diverbo prefers if you don’t speak Spanish or German. There’s not much downtime — you’ll spend most of the day leisure working in small villages near Madrid, Munich, and Frankfurt.

    The Scandinavian villages in Europe have that neo-classical spirit and blissful weather which are bound to impress anyone.  It’s not just about working and hardships here for there are group dinners, parties, and even theater performances.

    So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to help those who seek help and make your travel dreams come true.

    3. Organize Trip

    organize trip

    Now, this is an amazing way to travel to different places free of cost. While I was interning with a Delhi-based tour operator, I managed to offer them a bunch of clients amongst friends and families.

    Instead of accepting the commission, I asked them to sponsor my Solo trip to Nagtibba instead which they did readily. You can do this too. Of course, you don’t require to intern somewhere for this.

    When you enlist around 8-9 people to take a trip with them and be their trip leader, the tour operators often consider your trip a freebie.

    4. Take your motherly instincts and skills to a new height


    Are you a philanthropist? Do you love working with NGOs and enjoy nursing the sick? Then your travel plan has become easier than ever.

    You can go mobile to help people and travel for free to countries like Florida or Hawai. Not only that, you even get paid for it. 

    The site TravelNursing.org offers opportunities around the country, with assignments of eight to 26 weeks long. The compensation varies based on your skill level and the type of position you’re filling.

    However, a traveling nurse can make as much as $10,000 a month, with food and housing often covered.

    5. Writing Blogs

    writing blog

    Writing is my greatest passion. Since childhood, I always maintained a diary to scribble and jot down my thoughts there.

    Eventually, I turned into a blogger one day. While writing my travel experiences, I realized that this can fetch me money as well. Freelance writing is a thriving market which asks to be exploited.

    Websites like Tripoto and Hostelz even pay you to write your personal experiences. Not only that, a lot of tour operators demand content writers.

    And the amount can be often as hefty as ever. While saving some of your money and getting credits at the same time from these sites, your leisure travel becomes superbly convenient.

    6. Become A Homesitter

    become home sitter

    Workaway is a great platform where you can suffice your travel plans at zero cost by helping people.

    There are a lot of families around Europe who prefer to have a home sitter to look after their pets or a garden while they are out. In this way, your food and staying expenses are covered and you get to see part of the world.

    Companies like Trusted Housesitters and HouseCarers connect travelers and people in need of sitters around the world. In this way, you can travel the world free of cost like me.

    7. Work In The Adventure Mission

    adventure trip

    Want to spend a week or two skydiving or paragliding and get paid for it? Unimaginable, isn’t it? Well, it is possible is super easy.

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    The website Adventure Work lists jobs in the adventure ventures, of both long-term postings and for vacationers looking for a free trip. Remember the job of Laila in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

    Well, if not the same but something similar. For instance, PGL hires ski reps at its resorts in France, Italy, Austria, and the U.S. to accompany school groups. 

    In exchange, PGL covers your room and food, in-resort expenses, lift passes, board hire and even gives you a small stipend of $229. So, what are you thinking? Travel the world free of cost.

    8. Review & Earn

    give a review and earn money in travel

    Why waste time when you can earn? There are many travel websites that pay you to review their sites.

    Hostelz.com – my friend introduced me to this website who had traveled in Singapore extensively by earning money from the reviews. This website paid me up to INR 700 per review when I stayed at its hostel and reviewed them.

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      There is one more sneaky way to crack this. You can simply walk in any hostel, take a few pictures and write a genuine review about your experience there. So, if it gets approved you get paid!

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