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Traveling is essential in our daily lives. It provides self-satisfaction and relaxation. By traveling one can increase their bent of knowledge as well. The various reasons for traveling involve, a recreation of mind, vacationing and migration. A part of traveling also includes getting to know and being aware of the various cultures in the world.


Travel experience can be boring as well exciting. In order to make the trip more adventurous, certain things should be kept in mind.


#1 Travel solo- Travelling solo is one of the wisest decision ones can make if one wants the trip to be in their own way and without any clash of perceptions and choices. Solo traveling provides a sense of freedom and confidence at the same time. It suits according to the traveler’s lifestyle. No adjustments are calls for swift decisions and invites changes in plan leading a person to new places and jumping from one desire to desire if required making things more flexible. And the basic factor being solo travels are usually economical.



#2 Undergo local experiences- interacting the locals of a particular place is a key element in order to know a particular place, culture, person and rituals in a more detailed way. Good terms with the locals can also help a traveler in his/her adverse situations while traveling if any.  Can be a good weapon to explore the city or town to extract more information.



#3 Voluntary experience- while traveling one should take up challenges voluntarily away from the mainstream tourist spots, away from the facilities and luxuries of the package. Such experiences bring out the true meaning of life and lead to various self-realization. It projects the various hardships that are to be faced in life through the experience or challenge that is taken.



#4 Looking for alternatives- having alternatives is always a smart decision. Some places are best explored in the most untraditional way making it more thrilling and exciting. In Cambodia, it is surprising to know that one can visit one of the most known temples in the world the UNESCO world heritage site Angkor Wat, on the basis of the annual half marathon.



#5 Choose an unknown path from A TO B-  the most time taking and impossible ways are unconsidered as the most fulfilled and exciting options to travel. Breaking the cliché is very important to experience adventure. For example other than traveling by air or by train one can think about traveling South Africa by motorbike, riding across Europe. The only thought of it can send chills down the spine making it far way more enthralling than the simple flight journey.



#6 Selecting adventurous places- The selection is now one of the very important criteria while traveling. At times wrong selection can lead to failure of a trip in spite of keeping the above points in should travel to a place already booming with possibilities. The less discovered Mongolia is best for the intrepid travelers seeking the nomadic lifestyle.



#7 Reducing on luggage- while having the intention of traveling and adventuring carrying heavy and too many luggage can be troublesome therefore there is nothing best than having the liberty to simply pick to ones bag up and set for the challenge. Carrying a tent, stove means and sleeping bag will enable a person to begin the ready for every adventure that will come on the way.



#8 Admire nature- a true traveller quality is the ability to admire and communicate with the nature. A combination of right shoes and dedication is all that is needed for a perfect adventure irrespective of the weather conditions. By admiring the nature one shows their love towards it and this way any situation seems easy.



It is very much important to go ahead to explore many places accross the world and be mesmerised with the natural beauty indeed.



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