What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit


Sometimes it feels like our fingers get cut only when we are most ill equipped with our medical supplies. And how annoying are those headaches when they only seem to come when you are outside walking in a jungle, and never at home, close to your medicines? Illnesses and injuries are just like that. They tend to often come about when we are least aware and prepared. So how do we ensure we have the right things with us at all times? Well one way to do so, is to have travel first aid with us in all of our travel bags. These will ensure that you have the basic of all medicines and medical supplies when you are hurt.

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

You don’t need to carry an entire pharmacy worth of medicines, just enough to treat headaches, cuts and scratches, sprains, allergy medicines, diarrhoea and motion sickness, insect bites and blisters. As you travel more and more over the years, you will become more aware of your health requirements and this will help you prepare your medical kit better.

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

The first and foremost thing you need to do to create your medical kit is to purchase a small sized pouch which can store your essentials safely. You can easily find one on Amazon or any local store. Make sure you buy one which is not too small or too big, otherwise you will end up taking very little or taking too much.

For Medication It Is Essential To Keep The Basics Such As:

  1. Paracetamol (mild pain medication)
  2. Ibuprofen (mild pain medication)
  3. Chloramphenamine (OTC allergy medication)
  4. Cetrizine (allergy medicine)
  5. Metoclopramide (anti-nausea medication)
  6. Loperamide (OTC diarrhoea medication)
  7. Rehydration Sachets
  8. Glucose

*Make sure you consult a doctor and know when and how to take the right dosage before you take these medicines.

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

For Dressing & Bandages For Injuries, Pack The Following:

  1. Medical Tape
  2. Blister Plasters 
  3. Detol
  4. Plasters In Different Sizes
  5. Gauze
  6. Sterile Dressing
  7. Small Pair Of Scissors 
  8. Small Bandage
  9. Bug Repellent

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

Now That Your Medical Kit Is Ready Make Sure You Do The Following:

Keep It Well Stocked:

Ensure you have enough supplies. Once you finish off a bandage or tablet, make sure you replace it immediately.

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

Take It With You Everywhere:

Make it a habit to have a medical kit at all times because, injuries don’t often come announced.

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

Keep It In An Easily Accessible Place:

Make sure your medical kit is easy to reach when you keep it in your bag

What To Carry In Your Travel Medical Kit

These are the simplest of ways we can take care of ourselves in a more prepared manner.


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